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AC SPD Class I

AC SPD Class I

Power Surge Protection T1 100kA 200kA AC 275V for 3 phases TN-S/ TT 3+1 Circuit System SPD Lightning Protectors

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Product Description
For installation at LPZ 0A-1 or higher, protecting low voltage equipment from surge damage. Applied in modular SPD Class I (Class B) for single-phase TT/TN-S power supply system. Designed according to IEC 61643-11; GB/T18802.11.

*  Combined lightning current arrester for three-phase TT ( “3+1” circuit) system
*  High discharge capacity, quick response
*  Double thermal dis-connector devices, providing more reliable protection
*  Multi-functional connection for conductors and busbar.
*  Double terminal for parallel or series (V-shape) connection.
*  Windows will change to red when fault and also provide remote alarm control at the same time.
BT BM200 275 RM/3+N

Single protection module
L-N Module ( *3 ) 
BT BM200 275 RM
N-PE Module ( *1 )
BT BNM 255

Nominal voltage [UN]
230V /400V AC

Rated voltage (max. continuous voltage) [Uc]
275V AC
255V AC

Nominal discharge current (8/20) [In]

Max. discharge current (8/20) [Imax]

Lightning impulse current (10/350) [Iimp]

Voltage protection level at In [Up]
≤ 2.5kV
≤ 2.5kV

Response time [tA]
≤ 25ns
≤ 100ns

TOV voltage

Max. back up fuse [L]
200A gL/gG

Max. back up fuse [L-L’]
125A gL/gG

Operating temperature range [Tu]

Cross-sectional area
35mm2 solid /50mm2 flexible

Mounting on
35mm DIN rail

Enclosure material
Light grey thermoplastic, UL94-V0

8 mods (144mm)

Test standards
IEC 61643-11; EN 61643-11; GB/T18802.11


Type of remote signalling contact
Switching contact

Switching capacity
AC:250V/0.5A; DC:250V/0.1A;150V/0.2A;750V/0.5A

Cross-sectional area for remote signalling contact
Max. 1.5mm2 solid / flexible

Ordering information

BT BM200 275 RM/3+N

806 153

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Looking for a trustworthy rise protection option to always keep your electric devices and appliances safe? Browse no further compared to the Power Rise Protection T1 from Telebahn.
This rise protection is innovative use with 3 duration TN-S/TT 3 1 circuit systems, which is ready to handle surges up as high as 100kA or 200kA AC 275V. The item can minimize the dangers of damage which are electric and ensure the equipment is protected in instance lightning hit or various other rise featuring of advanced technology.
Among the top features of the Power Rise Protection T1 is its sturdiness and stability. With top quality products and advanced design, the item was developed to last and stand up to solve the problems which can be severe. Whether you're managing durable equipment which is commercial, delicate and uncomfortable digital devices, you can easily trust the power Rise Protection T1 to assist and maintain your possessions safe from damage.
Another benefit that's wonderful of lightning guard is its simpleness of installation. With simple instructions and a user-friendly design, you are able to set the power Rise Protection T1 in simple mins, also if you do not have a lot of experience with electric systems. Plus, once it is installed, you will have the ability to be certain that the specific items are protected 24 hrs. a day, without the upkeep which are simply additional but required.
In addition, this rise guard benefits effortless installation. Insurance companies that this is easily attached with your network unit or cupboard. This will make it an easy job to set up and proceed preserving one's body items in a solitary area.
The Telebahn power Rise Protection T1 is a selection which is perfect anyone picking high-grade rise security and lightning security when it comes to electrical systems. This system will certainly provide you with assurance for several years ahead using its degree of technology that's high, rugged sturdiness, and installation treatment which is actually simply very easy. Today Spend in the efficiency of the Power Rise Protection T1 and survive a protection of your own.