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Antenna Feeder System SPD

Antenna Feeder System SPD

Telebahn RF Antenna Sure Protection BNC Connector Male-Female 0-3GHz 50Ohm/75Ohm 90V/250V Surge Protector

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RF Antenna Sure Protection BNC Connector Male-Female 0-3GHz 50Ohm/75Ohm 90V/250V Surge Protector is a highly reliable surge protector that offers superior protection for your electronic equipment. This product is designed with robust materials and advanced technology, making it one of the most powerful surge protectors in the market today.

Developed to handle any situations with ease. This technique has a designs is male-female makes it simple for connecting to your products or services. It is usually suitable for a variety is wide of, allowing it to works seamlessly together with your current setup.

This product that is revolutionary protections for frequencies which ranges from 0-3GHz is more than enough to protect your entire painful and sensitive gear is electronic. It is an impedance array of 50 Ohm/75 Ohm, rendering it perfect for used within various applications, including industrial, commercials, and settings which are residential.

A protector is effective can handles up to 90V/250V surges, ensuring that your equipment stays protected and safe all the times. This rise protectors is designed to protect your gear from any voltage surges that may happen because of energy outages, lightning hits, or other forms of electrics disruptions.

In addition, the products is built with top-notch materials that ensure durability. Made from tough materials which will withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it a choice is perfect outside and use that insides.

An answers is very good securing your electronic equipment from dangerous surges as well as other voltage disturbances with simple installation and functionality. It's the product is perfect individuals who need to keep their gear that electronic safe sound from power outages and lightning hits.

The Telebahn brand is known for producing high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers. This Telebahn RF Antenna Sure Protection BNC Connector Male-Female 0-3GHz 50Ohm/75Ohm 90V/250V Surge Protector is no exception, and it is built to the highest standards to ensure that your equipment remains secured and your investment is protected.

Product Description



For installation at LPZ 0B-1 or higher, protecting 50Ohm/ 75Ohm BNC coaxial cable system, applied in coaxial system, cell sites and antenna system. This product is designed in accordance with IEC 61643.21/EN 61643-21/GB 18802.21.

Highlight Features

With exchangeable integrated gas discharge tube.

• High discharge capacity, low voltage protection level.

 Wide frequency range, high performance transmission.

Metallic housing BNC (M-F) connection, easy for installation.


BS BNC G is applied in various feed system, and so on.

Application environment

Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C  

Relative humidity:  ≤ 95% (25°C)

Technical data



(Replacement gas discharge tube)

Rated voltage (max. continuous d.c. voltage) [Uc] 

90V or  250V

Nominal current [ I]


Lightning impulse current (10/350)  [ Iimp ]


Nominal discharge current (8/20)  [ In ]


Max. nominal discharge current (8/20)  [ Imax ]


Voltage protection level at In  [ Up ]

≤ 700V

Transmission frequency [ fG ]


Max. output power  [ P ]


Insertion loss [ aE ]

≤ 0.2dB

Return loss [ aR ]

≥ 18dB

Characteristic impedance  [ Z ]

50Ohm / 75Ohm

Connection input/output

BNC (M-F) socket/plug

Operating temperature range [ Tu ]


Earthing via

Outgoing connecting port


25 x 25 57.5 (mm)

Test standards

IEC 61643-21; EN 61643-21; GB 18802.21


CE (LVD/EMC), Rohs

Ordering information




680 004

Packing unit


3 Image_BS BNC G.jpg
Dimension_BS BNC G.jpg











Installation Diagram

 BS BNC G.png 


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