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Spark Gape SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA for Lightning Equipotential Bonding Surge Protection Devices Isolating Spark Gap Surge Arrester

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Product description
 In (8/20μs) 100KA Iimp (10/350μs) 100KA 10mm isolating spark gap for lightning equipotential bonding 


For lightning equipotential bonding especially for connection of separated earthing systems. 


Technical Data


ISG 10 S

Lightning impulse current (10/350)


Nominal discharge current (8/20)


100% lightning impulse spark overvoltage


Power frequency spark overvoltage (50Hz)


Length of enclosure


Diameter of enclosure


Enclosure material

Orange thermoplastic, UL94-V0


Rd 10mm

Material (connection)


Operating temperature range




Ordering information


ISG 10 S


690 001

Packing unit

1 pc (s)










Proud to introduce the Spark Gap SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA for Lightning Equipotential Bonding Surge Protection Devices Isolating Spark Gap Surge Arrester. This advanced surge protection unit is made to safeguard the true body is human damages as a result of surges from electrical lightning hits.

The Spark Gap SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA uses a cutting-edge spark technology is certainly isolating designed to entirely disconnect the circuit that electric surge occasion. It will help to make sure that the machine is electrical protected unlike the voltage that high could cause problems for it.

The item features an industry-leading 100KA surge protection ability which can only help to be sure your electric system is protected through the voltage is many is severe. This security was produced to shield equipment is computer that sensitive, servers, and various critical systems.

The Spark Gap SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA also features weatherproofing which often IP67-rated is rendering it ideal for outdoor applications. This weatherproofing implies that the system is operational safe from dampness, dust, as well as other elements are ecological can damage the apparatus you've got.

The gear is usually filled up with a lightning bonding is equipotential, which will help to minimize the possibility of electric damage throughout a lightning hit. This process operates by connecting all the stuff which are conductive to your system is operational feasible thereby decreasing the likelihood of voltage imbalance.

Certainly one of unique which is often great the Spark Gap SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA its installation is easy. The device is sold with detail by detail installation directions which could make it feasible for a social people which can be great are not experts to setup. Also, it really is developed become effortlessly incorporated into the operational system is current without the need for significant changes or rewiring.

The Spark Gap SPDs 10mm IP67 100KA is certainly a good investment for anyone wanting to protect their system is electric from damages brought on by voltage surges and lightning hits. A high number of protection is guaranteed in full featuring its effective rise protection capability, advanced degree spark that is isolating technology, and lightning bonding system is equipotential.