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RJ45 Network SPD

RJ45 Network SPD

POE Gigabit Network SPDs 1000Mbps 10kA CAT6 Signal RJ45 48V 35mmDIN Rail for IP CCTV Ethernet Surge Protector POE

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Product Description



For installation at LPZ 0B-2 or higher, directly installed in the front near the equipment; according to IEC standard for CAT6 or Class E integrated wiring system; all the industrial Ethernet 10M, 100M, 1Gbit or higher network surge protection; the nominal current, continuous DC high voltage, to support the PoE network with power supply system. This surge protective device use RJ45 interface protected by four pairs lines. Designed according to IEC 61643-21 GB 18801.21.




 Technical Data


BS RJ45 G48(A)

Nominal voltage [UN]


Rated voltage (max. continuous d.c. voltage) [Uc]


Rated voltage (max. continuous a.c. voltage) [Uc]


Max. continuous d.c. voltage (pair-pair POE) [Uc]


Nominal current [IL]


Lightning impulse current (10/350) (L-PG) [Iimp]


Nominal discharge current (8/20) (L-PG) [In]


Total nominal discharge current (8/20) (L-PG) [In]


Voltage protection level at In (L-L) [Up]

≤ 190V

Voltage protection level at In (L-PG) [Up]

≤ 600V

Voltage protection level at In (L-L POE) [Up]

≤ 600V

Transmission frequency [fG]


Insertion loss at 250MHz

≤ 2dB

Capacitance (L-L) [C]

≤ 165pF

Capacitance (L-PG) [C]

≤ 255pF

Max. data transmission rates [Vs]

> 1000Mbits/s

Operating temperature range [Tu]


Connection input/output

RJ45 shield socket


1/2, 3/6, 4/5, 7/8

Mounting on

35mm DIN rail

Enclosure material

Orange thermoplastic, UL94-V0

Earthing via

Earthing screw

Shield earthing

Indirectly via integrated spark gap


90 x 54 x 63 (mm)

Test standards

IEC 61643-21; EN 61643-21; GB 18802.21


CE, Rohs, ISO9001:2015

Ordering information


BS RJ45 G48(A)


630 014

Packing unit










POE Gigabit Network SPDs is a rise protector designed to protect your IP CCTV and products with ethernet energy surges as well as other interferences that are electric. It has a 1000Mbps speed and therefore can manage as much as 10kA of energy, making this a reliable choice safe for your system.

One of the many key highlights of this system would be the fact that it supports CAT6 signal, it is the latest cable ethernet that is highly advanced. This means it is possible to achieve higher information transfer rates and better performance along with your products. The RJ45 connection could be a standard which makes it right for most devices in networking.

Another function is great about the POE Gigabit Network SPDs is that it supports Power Over Ethernet (POE) technology. This permits someone to power your merchandise through the cable ethernet eliminating the need for separate energy cables. This may allow it to be safer to install and manage your devices and decreases cable mess.

Telebahn's POE Gigabit Network SPDs in addition has a power of 48V which supplies stable and dependable power to your devices. This means your devices operate efficiently and therefore are also not afflicted with voltage changes or power surges.

Furthermore, this rise protector is good for effortless installation. Insurance firms a DIN of 35mm train and is effortlessly attached with your network enclosure or cabinet. This will make it an easy task to set up and continue maintaining one's body products in a single location.