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Camera Security Surveillance System SPD

Camera Security Surveillance System SPD

Hot Sale Customization Orange Thermoplastic 5V/12V/24V/48V/220V 10kA for Security Surveillance System SPD BNC Surge Protector

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Product Description


Surge Protective Devices for BNC video line / Controlling line / Power Supply line 3 in 1 Surge Protector 


BS VS 3 IN 1.png

Technical data

BS VS 3 IN 1.png

Hightlight Features

  For mounting on the 35mm DIN rail.

  Green light indicates normal, and red light indicates faulty.

• Integrated protection for power supply, BNC video line, and controlling signal line of the camera. 

  High discharge capacity, low voltage protection level, low loss. 

  Response speed, multilevel protection, small interface to transmit signal.

  Small volume, BNC connection and screws wiring, easy for installation .


 BS VS 3 IN 1/12V 24V 48V 220V is for installation at LPZ 0B-2 or higher, directly installed in the front near the equipment; for protecting (Power supply + BNC Video + Controlling signal) three lines in surveillance devices from lightning and surge damage, surveillance video receiver, high speed dome camera. Constant speed camera, fixed camera and so on. Designed according to IEC 61643-21 GB 18801.21.